The evolution of Channel with Gorilla


10 august 2022


9:00 AM CEST




Cybersecurity Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

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Join Carlo & Gilles as they deep dive into the evolution of channel

At Gorilla’s interactive virtual event, The Evolution of Channel, we’d like to deep dive into the overall Evolution of Channel. We uncover how the channel has evolved over the past few decades, examine the current state of the channel and explore where the channel is heading as technology expands exponentially. Join our distinctive panel on August 10th to discuss:

- ISV partnership programs
- Partnership benefits to growth and sales
- The use of technology to empower your partnerships



Round profile picture Carlo Brayda (png)

Carlo de Belvedere Tortorabrayda
CEO of Gorilla Corporation

Round profile picture Gilles (png)
Gilles Esposito
Vice Chair at Tortora Brayda institute