Mar 2022

Calculate Your ROI With Partner Pulse

When looking at the best solution for managing your partner network, there’s one notable drawback across the board. Factoring in monthly subscription prices to your budget can often result in high targets and demotivated partners struggling to reach them.

The solution? Partner Pulse. A Gorilla Corporation company, Partner Pulse is a partner network platform that offers everything you need to effectively manage partners with advanced sales and marketing tools. The best part? With the Partner Pulse Results-Based pricing model, you only pay for what you use, freeing you from expensive running costs and delivering a flexible, scalable cost, giving you greater control over your budgets

About Partner Pulse
Partner Pulse offers a comprehensive platform with everything you need for successful sales and marketing campaigns, resulting in a no-excuse environment that motivates your partners to sell for you. With the unique results-based pricing model, you can pay as you go for leads generated, rather than trying to recuperate your budget month to month with demanding targets. Partner Pulse focuses on results rather than function, allowing for a cost-effective way to engage with partners and leads. With Results-based pricing, you can still access all the tools you need for success, but carries far less risk, allowing you to grow your return on investment.

Try The ROI Calculator
Still not convinced? Why not try the Partner Pulse ROI calculator and find out how much you can expect to spend per lead, and how much you can expect to save? By filling our your details, you will get a clear insight into how much value Partner Pulse can provide to you and your partners. Best of all, it’s completely free.